if your boyfriend pauses call of duty to text you back, dump him because he plays shitty games

Friday Feb 28 @2:53pm (6 months ago)


*cant take a good selfie* *entire day is ruined*

Tuesday Feb 25 @10:39pm (6 months ago)
Tuesday Feb 25 @10:22pm (6 months ago)
Tuesday Feb 25 @10:21pm (6 months ago)
Sunday Jan 26 @8:48pm (7 months ago)

today was a mixture of frustration and fun. in the morning i had planned on getting a cellphone from my friend’s cousin, but in the end i couldn’t get one without an alien registration card. so i went to seoul immigration to get that but then they told me i needed proof of acceptance from yonsei (which wasn’t listed on the site as a document i needed to bring…) to apply. of course i found this out after i traveled across the city and waited in line for hours.

tonight we met up with s, a guy who interns for kespa. we went out for food and drinks and later went to a PC방 in hongdae. we played starcraft and then league and had a lot of fun! an attractive dude kept looking at my screen. but he didn’t look like he spoke english. i need to learn more korean before school starts :(

tonight we pack up our stuff and check out of our hotel tomorrow morning. it’s apartment move in day! i’m super excited to HAVE MY OWN PLACE to myself where i am the one who stocks the food and i can have people over whenever and no curfew and omg my life really begins tomorrow.

i still can’t get over the fact that i somehow managed to successfully plan my move to the other side of the world all on my own. and i still can’t believe i live here now…

Thursday Aug 15 @11:48am (1 year ago)
where did i last leave off?

my time in korea has improved significantly. 

my ac and hot water is WORKING holy balls finally after 2 days of ridiculous heat and uncomfort and lack of showering and cold water and stress and complaining…it has all been fixed.

my realtor hasn’t gotten back to me yet about the deposit situation. i’m kind of worried about that. what if she jacked all my cash? THEN WHAT then i’m fucked out of almost 6gs that’s what.

anyway the last couple days we spent shopping and playing in pc bangs. nothing toooooooo exciting. i found a better pc bang than the one attached to my apartment. it’s super busy and there’s wifi for my phone……. and the guy who works here likes me more than the guy who works at my apartment’s bang. he’s a lot nicer to me. i’m happy about that.

tomorrow i’m going to lotte world with jh and then saturday is WCS korea. idk how we’re going to get there or get tickets or whatever. i guess we’ll just wing it.

i made it to gold league in korea~ just gotta get to plat like before now

Thursday Aug 15 @11:48am (1 year ago)
today was the best in a long time

definitely my favourite day in korea so far.

i went to lotte world with my friend jh, who is an absolute sweetheart and treated me like a princess. we rode rollercoasters and ate bingsu and travelled all around seoul together. i felt like we were a couple - he treated me like i was his girlfriend.

after lotte world, we went to insadong, which is a touristy district in seoul that does a decent job of depicting korean culture. we walked around a bunch of stores and got an iced mocha while i rested my sore feet. fuck the new sandals i bought, they chafe and ripped apart my feet…but i need sandals to go with half of my outfits so i’ll have to find another pair that don’t suck balls. afterwards we both got bracelets that match. i don’t wanna take mine off because it will always be a reminder of when i really started to discover seoul.

i have to mention that bingsu is DELIIICIOUS oh my god im so scared of getting fat in korea because i am surrounded by delicious food…it’s going to be hard…

pics to come !

Thursday Aug 15 @11:47am (1 year ago)
oh wow. i have quite a blog post to write…

oh wow. i have quite a blog post to write…

Tuesday Aug 13 @3:41pm (1 year ago)
korean pizza… so much corn and potato.. at least it is still good

korean pizza… so much corn and potato.. at least it is still good

Monday Aug 5 @11:47pm (1 year ago)